What set’s us apart from other providers is our family network approach.


We aim to empower Individuals.

Ignite Community Network was established in December 2017 with the vision to build the capacity of Individuals, families and local communities. Ignite Community Network aims to empower Individuals regardless of race, ethnicity or gender and believes that all people have goals, ambitions, hopes and dreams. No matter how big the goal is we will support you to develop the necessary skills, experience and confidence to achieve what is important to you.
Ignite Community Network is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) approved provider. We will support you to develop a plan that is flexible, personable and practical to you. As part of the NDIS planning process Ignite Community Network is committed to providing choice and control and will implement a family network approach as a vehicle to support you to identify what services will be facilitated, how services will be facilitated and where services will be facilitated.

— The Family Network Approach

What set’s Ignite Community Network apart from other community and disability service providers is the family network approach. The Family Network enables the Individual to exercise choice and control of their decisions and to ensure that key goals, life stages and direction of services is led by the Individual and their family.

— Community Development

Ignite Community Network values the strength and dedication of local communities to impact change. Ignite Community Network is committed to increase the capacity of local communities and will work with Local Government Authorities to implement community development programs and initiatives.

— The CEO

Colin has worked in an Immigration Detention Centre, this experience ignited his passion to supporting people to set and achieve goals. Colin has a degree in Community Development, Diploma in Disability Services and 17 years’ experience working within the Disability, Education and immigration sectors. Colin is a dedicated father and is supported by his loving wife.

Colin Alston is a strong believer that everyone deserves a fair go and this is his motivation in establishing a community services organisation. Colin has worked for the Department of Communities (Disability Services) as a Local Area Coordinator and Area Manager over a nine-year period. During this time Colin has worked with people with a disability and their families and has seen people achieve amazing goals. However, he has also witnessed system constraints and family barriers which has discouraged success. Colin believes that walking alongside someone will promote the best chance of success.

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